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Contract Water Update

Change to Contract Water

Beginning this Thursday, June 29th, water use by share holder’s of Nevada Creek Water User’s Association will change to contract water usage.  We have enjoyed very favorable spring water supplies and 2 months of “flood” water, but with radically dropping creek flows and summer weather conditions we can no longer anticipate sustained reservoir levels.  Contract water users can plan on receiving 100% of contracted water.

Decreed Water Rights

Dropping creek flows are causing more junior water rights to drop off for available water.  All irrigators with decreed rights are encouraged to moniter the changing Status of Irrigation Rights and please respect the good rights of your neighbors.

Douglas Creek Canal - Update

Douglas Canal – Maintenance Shutdown

Douglas Creek canal will be going off on Wednesday, July 5th for a period of 7 days minimum.  This is a planned maintenance shutdown to allow vegetation in the canal to dry & dissipate.  We will also be performing other minor structural inspection and repairs.  Irrigators are asked to plan your irrigation schedules around this shutdown.  I apologize for the inconvenience.