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April 2017 Stream Forecast

The NRCS released their April Water Supply Outlook Report last week.  The summary for the Upper Clark Fork basin is shown below, and the full report can be viewed here.  Their most likely outlook for Nevada creek is for 101% of normal streamflow for April-May and 99% for April-July.  The current upper elevation snow pack at Nevada Ridge shows 117% of normal with over 16″ of water content.  So the outlook for Nevada creek is more positive than we’ve had in the previous couple of seasons.  Also, Nevada Creek reservoir should reach capacity and begin spilling sometime tomorrow, April 14th.  Current total inflows are only averaging 79 cfs, so the impact on lower Nevada creek should be minimal.

This is a good time to remember to inspect your diversions and measuring devices for any settling or damage that may have occurred through the winter season.  Anyone who would like assistance with this is welcome to contact me and I will be happy to do so.


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Water Rights & Measurement Workshop - April 5, 2017

Water Workshop Flyer