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Water Update 5-31-16

NCWUA Contract Water

For those who haven’t already been informed, we are now at an allotment of full 100% of total contract amounts which will be deliverable.  The recent rains have helped maintain the reservoir storage levels in comparison to the amount of contract water being delivered.

Natural Creek Flows & Appropriated Water Rights

The natural creek flows have dropped in recent days, and therefore there is lesser water available for appropriated water rights.  I have updated the Current Status of Irrigation Rights page, and you can refer to this as to which rights are currently good.  With the changing flows, along with increased demand from senior rights holders, this listing will be updated more frequently.

The current cutoff date for good rights is 1896-11-19

Please refer to the rights status listing, and communicate to me your water usage or planned changes.  I will be attempting to monitor diversions more frequently now.  Thank you.

Canals Startup and Contract Water

Apologies for the late posting, but most affected are already updated.

The canals will be charged and deliveries will become available at the first of this coming week.  Douglas Creek canal is planned to start on Monday, the 9th, followed by North Helmville canal probably on Tuesday the 10th, or possibly the next day.  I have been applying some much needed herbicide to the upper portion of North canal, and need also now to apply canal seal to sections of both canals.

With the recent drop in creek flows, reservoir storage rate also dropped, but flows have come back up over the last couple of days.  Contract allotments will initially start at 90% of total contract.  At current storage, this provides for a minimal requirement of a storage buffer for loss in delivery.  If creek flows remain somewhat stable at now current rates for the next couple of weeks, it is likely that this allotment will raise to 95 or 100% of total contract.  I will update everyone as this occurs.

Please contact me about your planned irrigation needs.  Thank you…