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January 2017 Water Supply Outlook Report

The N.R.C.S. / N.W.C.C. has released the Montana Water Supply Outlook Report for January 1st, 2017.  The stream forecasts can be viewed/downloaded here or on the Snowpack & Precipitation Reports page.  Full report can be viewed/downloaded here.

Automated Readings for Discharge from Reservoir

I have imbedded into the website the automated readings for Nevada creek discharge below the reservoir.  These readings are from the gage site which measures our release from the dam.  This new page provides real-time readings and graphs for stage & discharge much the same as the U.S.G.S. sites that many are already familiar with.  It is provided through a cooperation between D.N.R.C. and the Montan Bureau of Mines & Geology.  This new update can be viewed at the old page…

Current Flow – below reservoir

NOTE that there is still one issue with this new automated reporting.  While the stage (or gage height / depth of water) readings are accurate, the discharge readings are not “always” accurate.  This is due to “shifting” that occurs at times between the actual stream flow at the gage site in relation to the stage rating for that section of stream.  This shifting usually occurs during the warmer months of the season when vegetation growth in the stream raises the stage as compared to the actual flow.  By taking regular manual flow measurements through the season, we constantly update this shifting and it is reported at the top of the Current Rating Table for the gage site.  Until this rating shift can be implemented into the automated reporting, one still has to check the current stage against the rating table with the applied shift in order to obtain an accurate reading for the current stream discharge.  Hopefully, this issue can be fixed soon,but most of you who frequent this website are already familiar with this process.  The current rating shift is minimal, and should remain so through the winter & spring seasons.