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Water Update

Nevada creek flows have been dropping in recent days.  Currently, total Nevada Creek Reservoir inflows are lesser less than the downstream demand.  After spilling for the past 54 days, it is anticipated that flows will drop off of the spillway within the next 3 to 4 days.

The result of this is that by early next week, barring any substantive precipitation events, it can be expected that more junior water rights will begin dropping off as the flows further recede.  It is also anticipated that water use for share holders in Nevada Creek Water User’s Association will be converted from flood water to contract usage.  I will post again at the time when we reach this point, and the Current Status of Irrigation Rights will also be updated on a more frequent basis.

Update for Nevada Creek Reservoir Gage Site

In recent weeks, Randy Lawskoski with MT-DNRC has spent quite a bit of time with making adjustments to the real-time reporting system for the Nevada Ck below reservoir gaging site.  This gage performs one of the more critical measurements for us in determining the base flows that are available for decreed water rights and managing the efficient distributions of decreed & contracted water.  There is now the ability to adjust the real-time reporting from this site for the changing rating shifts that we normally experience throughout the year.  The rating for this site has also been updated to more accuratly reflect the actual flows that are being measured there.

In short, the real-time flows that can be viewed on the Current Flow – below reservoir page will now be much more accurate, and the viewer will no longer need to manually apply the current rating shift.  We would like to thank Randy for his work on this.